How to select the suitable casters

Casters are available in a large selection of various rigs and yokes, wheel materials, swivel offsets, and wheel configurations. In many cases, it can become extremely difficult to choose the right caster for the application. In order to help the user to determine the right caster to use, it’s important to take a couple of factors into consideration, which include:

  1. Load capacity (the total load applied on the casters)
  2. The number of casters to be used on the equipment (usually four or six casters)
  3. Floor type (concrete, steel, linoleum, carpet, etc.)
  4.  (are there cracks, bumps, unlevel floors?)
  5. Environment (is the equipment operating in high temperatures, wet or humid conditions, etc.)
  6. Floor cleanliness (are the floors clean or contain debris such as metal chips, grease, gravel, etc.)