8″ Rigid Red PU Casters

For a good performance, this rigid caster has bright red PU mold on PP core wheel, standard zinc plated yoke, roller bearing, 400 lb load capacity.

Part Number 08F15UG0
Wheel Material PU
Wheel Diameter 8 inch
Tread Width 2 inch
Load Height 9 1/2 inch
Plate Size  4 1/2 x 4 inch
Bolt Spacing 3 5/8 x 3 inch to 3 x 2 5/8 inch
Wheel Bearing Roller bearing
Loading capacity 400 lb

Rubber mold on steel core for heavy load

Quit moving and floor protection

Roller bearing

Polyurethane mold on polypropylene core

Roller bearing for smoothly movement

Red, black wheel colors are optional

Polyurethane bonds on steel core

Heavy load capacity

Roller bearing with grease fitting

Solid rubber wheel

Good for floor protection and quit movement

Heavy load capacity

Steel wheel

Used for harsh ground

Heavy load capacity

Top lock brake

Lock the position

Easily operate

Swivel lock also called position

Suitable for heavy duty swivel plate casters

Push the grip ring when use it

Wheel  Dia.Tread WidthLoad  HeightLoad Cap. (Lbs)Wheel  MaterialWheel Bearing Part Number  
4"2"5 5/8"400PolyurethaneRoller04F15UG004P15UG004P15UG2
4"2"5 5/8"400PolyurethanePrecision Dual Ball04F15UE004P15UE004P15UE2
4"2"5 5/8"1000Polyurethane Cast Iron CoreRoller04F15KG004P15KG004P15KG2
4"2"5 5/8"400RubberRoller04F15SG004P15SG004P15SG2
4"2"5 5/8"700Rubber Cast Iron CoreRoller04F15TG004P15TG004P15TG2
5"2"6 1/2"400PolyurethaneRoller05F15UG005P15UG005P15UG2
5"2"6 1/2"400PolyurethanePrecision Dual Ball05F15UE005P15UE005P15UE2
5"2"6 1/2"1000Polyurethane Cast Iron CoreRoller05F15KG005P15KG005P15KG2
5"2"6 1/2"400RubberRoller05F15SG005P15SG005P15SG2
5"2"6 1/2"700Rubber Cast Iron CoreRoller05F15TG005P15TG005P15TG2
5"2"6 1/2"700Cast IronRoller05T15ZG005P15ZG0
6"2"7 1/2"400PolyurethaneRoller06F15UG006P15UG006P15UG2
6"2"7 1/2"400PolyurethanePrecision Dual Ball06F15UE006P15UE006P15UE2
6"2"7 1/2"1000Polyurethane Cast Iron CoreRoller06F15KG006P15KG006P15KG2
6"2"7 1/2"400RubberRoller06F15SG006P15SG006P15SG2
6"2"7 1/2"700Rubber Cast Iron CoreRoller06F15TG006P15TG006P15TG2
6"2"7 1/2"700Cast IronRoller06F15ZG006P15ZG0
8"2"9 1/2"600PolyurethaneRoller08F15UG008P15UG008P15UG5
8"2"9 1/2"1000Polyurethane Cast Iron CoreRoller08F15KG008P15KG008P15KG5
8"2"9 1/2"400RubberRoller08F15SG008P15SG008P15SG5
8"2"9 1/2"700Rubber Cast Iron CoreRoller08F15TG008P15TG008P15TG5
8"2"9 1/2"700Cast IronRoller08F15ZG008P15ZG0